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1. General provision

1.1. Each user of the forum is fully responsible for the information published by him on the forum. For the statements, opinions, views and actions of the users of the forum Administration of the portal is not responsible!
1.2. Administration has the right to make changes to these rules at its discretion.
1.3. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility!

2. Registration on the forum

2.1. When registering, be sure to specify a working e-mail, with which you can recover the password and change other security settings.
2.2. Each user can have only 1 valid account. If it finds the opposite, all accounts will be blocked.
2.3. Your name on the forum (nickname) can not: a) contradict the laws of the Russian Federation; b) be vulgar or offensive. These accounts are blocked without warning.
2.4. It is forbidden to register a nickname similar to an existing one to such an extent that it may mislead other forum participants. These accounts will be blocked.
2.4.1. As a nickname it is forbidden to use the names of other trademarks, trademarks, patents, Internet services, or other servers. Nickname should not violate the law of the Russian Federation on copyright and related rights.
2.5. By registering on the forum, you agree not to post messages containing obscene, vulgar expressions, expressions containing threats and / or violating the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as inciting religious, racial and interethnic enmity.
2.6. Profile fields should not contain links to other resources. (except if no field is created for this)

3. Create themes

3.1. Before creating a new topic, make sure that there is no such topic on the forum, for this use the "Search" on the forum. Creation of identical topics on the forum is prohibited.
3.2. The title of the topic should be informative and reflect its essence. The name can not consist only of phrases: "help"; "help is needed"; "problem"; "what do you think?" etc.
3.3. The topic should be placed in the corresponding thematic section of the forum. If you made a mistake and created a topic in an inappropriate section, just make a note in your message (or send a message to the Moderator) with a request to transfer the topic to the appropriate section.
3.4. It is forbidden:
3.4.1. Write a topic name that contains more than 25% of capital letters.
3.4.2. Artificial maintenance of the topic by publishing messages that do not carry semantic load.
3.4.3. Create the same themes.
3.4.4. Duplicate topics in different sections of the forum.

4. Publishing of messages

4.1. Write in an accessible language so that any member of the forum can understand you.
4.2. If you use a specific terminology, write an explanation to it.
4.3. Do not use color tags and bolding without special need. They exist only to highlight important thoughts, not the whole message.
4.4. It is forbidden to quote large pieces of text. It suffices to quote part of the message so that it is clear to what you write your answer.
4.5. Do not write a message with a font that is different from the usual size. Font, the size of which differs from the usual, is used to highlight individual words, phrases, paragraphs, as well as special cases: congratulations, emergency announcements, etc.
4.6. Try to write without mistakes.
4.7. Do not abuse jargon expressions, especially when it is not required.
4.8. Prohibited profanity in any form.
4.9. It is forbidden to write messages in transliteration. (For help -
4.10. It is forbidden to leave meaningless messages that do not carry semantic load, flood, offtopic.
4.11. If you participate in the discussion, be kind enough not only to ask questions to other participants, but also to answer questions that are asked to you.
4.12. It is strictly forbidden to use empty messages, namely: "you did not understand anything", "you were asked for one thing, and you write another," etc. Such messages are possible only if you make an explanation: what exactly does not suit you in the answer, and what details you are interested in. Not everyone and not always can from the first understand what they want. And very often the reason for this is a difference in understanding terminology, or not clearly articulated questions. Therefore, try to express yourself as simply and unambiguously as possible.
4.13. Strictly prohibited:
4.13.1. Publication of knowingly false information, slander.
4.13.2. Placement of links to pirate resources.
4.13.3. Placement of links to pornographic resources.
4.13.4. Threats, insults and curses, incl. with the use of profanity to other forum participants.
4.13.5. Flood and offtopic in thematic sections.
4.13.6. Use of dishonest methods of conducting discussions in the form of "juggling" statements of interlocutors, editing / deleting their own messages with the purpose of distorting / concealing their original meaning, as well as provocations aimed at participants of the conference, as a result of which these Rules may be violated.
4.13.7. Create messages that contain more than 50% of uppercase letters.
4.13.8. Advertising on other SA: MP projects, resources.
4.13.9. Intentionally distort the opponent's nickname.
4.13.10. Advertising and promotion of sites / goods / services.
4.13.11. Duplicating a link is allowed only once and only in large messages.

5. Avatar and signature

5.1. Each user can set their own avatar.
5.2. The avatar should not contain obscene elements.
5.3. Avatars and signatures should not contain bright, contrasting colors, cutting eyes and distracting attention.
5.4. Signatures should not be large.
5.5. The font of the signature must not have a size larger than 14.
5.6. Signatures should not contain abusive and obscene expressions and must comply with the general rules of the forum.
5.7. Signatures must not contain images.

6. Punishment

For minor violations you receive verbal warnings. If you continue to ignore the warnings, or roughly violate the forum rules, you will be subject to stricter penalties:
For 1 violation, 10 warning points are issued; (other quantity possible)
After reaching 50 points, your account is permanently blocked without the possibility of recovery.
Each point of warning is given forever, it is almost impossible to remove them.

In the same way, in some cases, a pre-moderation may apply to you, or at the same time a higher degree of punishment.
In some cases, the Administration may apply an individual decision regarding the imposition of punishment.

Actions of the Moderators and Administrators are not subject to discussion!

7. The forum is welcomed

7.1. Friendly attitude towards other forum participants. Be able to listen and respect the interlocutor, even if your views diverge.
7.2. Placing any useful information in accordance with the topics of the forums, for example - video on LastAlive.
7.3. Placement of any advice, questions, assistance in the relevant sections of the forum.
7.4. Placement of links to interesting resources of the network on the forum topics.

8. Administrators and Moderators

8.1. Moderators have the right to delete, edit, move or close the topic in violation of the rules of using the forum.
8.2. In some topics, moderators can resolve some deviations from the rules, in the context of a particular topic and the forum as a whole.
8.3. Actions of the Moderators are not subject to discussion. If you disagree with the actions of a Moderator, file a complaint with the follower in a personal message on the forum, or in social networks.
8.4. Actions and decisions of Administrators on all issues are final and not subject to discussion.
8.5. CATEGORALLY it is forbidden to delete the marks made by the Moderator or the Administrator in your message.


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